Who we are

My Sister's Keeper-Cleveland is a 501c3 not for profit organization.  The goal of the organization is to support women and families affected by cancer with services to rejuvenate the idea of community while revitalizing the spirit of womanhood with efforts to promote a successful outcome on their journey. 

We work with local business to obtain donated services, services offered at a discounted price, or services that cater to our "sisters" undergoing cancer treatment.  Through our fundraising efforts and generous donations we are able to offer services, support, coaching, and so much more free or at a discounted rate.

We recognize and appreciate all supporters and contributors of our mission.  

About us

We strive to provide women undergoing cancer treatment with a supportive environment while revitalizing the spirit of womanhood.  We offer a boutique of services to our clients free of charge or at a discounted rate.

We are woman! 

The word "Woman" embodies the notion of strength, beauty and perseverance.  As Women we wear many hats - the cheerleader, the wound healer, the confidant, just to name a few. When illnesses such as cancer invade your life, who can these women turn to to be their cheerleaders, wound healers, or confidants?  


The answer is - My Sister's Keeper - Cleveland (MySKCle).  MySKCle revitalizes the spirit of womanhood through relationships developed by shared experiences. Through these relationships, we allow our sisters the ability to focus on healing while we help elevate the stresses of life by providing personalized services such as child care, meal services, coaching, and so much more for free or at a reduced cast.

Together we will write a better ending.



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