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This project utilized art to convey the strength, courage, and motivation of women currently undergoing cancer treatment.  Healthcare has incorporated Art Therapy in various forms of treatment and recovery practices.  Visual arts have contributed to modes of therapy that contributes to relaxation techniques that improves the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. The Faces of My Sister’s Keeper will highlight not only the women currently undergoing treatment that will enhance their own self awareness and well-being, but to introduce the community to the benefits of the arts as therapy.

Proceeds will support Project Hope.

The following modifications have been made to the project:

  • August 11-14, 2021 - Artwork to be displayed at UH Seidman Cancer Center 

  • August 23-27, 2021 - Artwork to be displayed at MetroHealth Cancer Center

With the rise of the Delta variant, our goal is to keep our sisters and community safe.   The auction will now be hosted virtually beginning August 11 , 2021,  Please sign up for our newsletter to obtain updates. 



Portrait Auction

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Artist:  Janet Martinez (Texas)

"I graduated with my Associates degree in Art in August of 2019. I have always loved art and more especially what it does to people. It’s my way of escaping reality. I am a mother to 3 boys and in my spare time I make art. Sometimes for profit but more than times than anything it’s just for fun. It started out as a hobby until people wanted to pay me. I am still not comfortable charging because it takes the fun out of it. Also, so many people have done great things for me throughout my life so I feel like this would be my way of paying it forward, if allowed. I currently am unemployed so I have time that I could use to help someone else. After all it’s art and that’s what I was born to do, to create and to use my God given talent for the greater good."



Meet the Artists & their inspiration

Model:  Shannon Gardner (Kentucky)

Shannon is a breast cancer warrior.  The message she asked Janet to convey in this portrait is - Help Me To Hold Out

Artist:  Susan Epperly (New Mexico)

"Art has been my safe haven my entire life. As a child, I spent many hours drawing in my Daddy’s hospital room as he battled a cancer that would eventually take him from me. Nearly forty years later, waging my own war with breast cancer, art once again was my savior (I illustrated a “chemo coloring book” during my infusions). And since COVID closed my thriving Massage Therapy practice (of twenty years), I have turned to art not only as a therapeutic sanity saver, but as a new career The multimedia series on which I have been working this year is titled “Corona” and is a nod to women’s unrelenting strength in the face of adversity and loss. This series is a collection of whimsical illustrative portraits of beautiful women of various ethnicities and archetypes, each wearing her own glorious crown of strength."


Model:  Shameka (Ohio)

Shameka is a Breast cancer warrior.  The message she asked Shameka's to convey in this portrait is - Faith and strength is a must in my fight with cancer.

Copy of sd.png

Artist:  Asia (Illinois)

"I have been creating portraits since the age of 12. I'm 27 now and I recently graduated with my Associates in Fine Art and Associates in Art. I also completed my first mural in 2019, had my first showing this year in February and am working on opening my small art business."

Model:  Peggy Barner (Ohio)

Ms. Peggy is a uterine and lung cancer warrior.  The message she asked Janet to convey in this portrait is - I've come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord!

Artist:  Natalie Eastman (Florida)

"Classically trained fine artist of 25+ years. Mixed media painting and printmaking is my focus..."

Model: Brittney Church (Ohio)

Brittney s a breast cancer warrior.  The message she asked Susan to convey in this portrait is - Live while living


Artist:  Ana M Arrieta (Texas)

Ana loves painting and it shows.  Visit her website at to see more of her extraordinary work.


Model: Tara Douglas (Ohio)

Tara is a 2x breast cancer warrior.  The message she asked Ann to convey in this portrait is - Keep Fighting

Artist:  Leslie Vidas Zuehlke (Wisconsin)

"Art is not what I make, it is who I am."

Model: Antoinette Richardson (Ohio)

Antoinette a breast cancer warrior.  The message she asked Leslie to convey in this portrait is - She is clothed with strength and dignity; she laughs at fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25


Artist:  Angelia Wilson (North Carolina )

Angelia is an art Professor for Lees-McRae College and own Let’s Be Artsy! A paint and wine business.  She has been an artist her entire life and have shown and sold her work around the world.  Angelia believes art is an inner expression of who we are.  “My art is my passion…within it you will see me!”

Model: Lenise Bozeman (Ohio)

Lenise is a breast cancer survivor.  The message she asked Angelia to convey in this portrait is - My journey with breast cancer did not make me bitter but better. That I refused to surrender and fall week to this disease. It came into my life so it was going to adjust to my way of life. As I look back 21 years ago I get joy because I won no matter how many time I did got week I stand very strong today. To be a witness that with a strong mind and determination you can make it if you try 

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