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Creative Director

J'nay Blackwell

Creative Director

J’nay Blackwell, the Creative Director of My Sister's Keeper, brings a unique blend of creative talent and empathetic leadership to the organization. Her artistic skills, showcased in events like "Pretty in Pink," resonate deeply with the community, offering both comfort and celebration to women impacted by cancer. J’nay's background in psychology and sociology from Cleveland State University informs her approach, enabling her to craft programs that address the holistic needs of participants. Her ability to create emotionally impactful experiences is not just about aesthetics but about fostering a supportive and understanding environment.

In addition to her creative role, J’nay's experience as a National Account Manager and Chair of the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council at MetLife Legal Plans has honed her skills in leadership and strategic planning. This experience is invaluable in guiding My Sister's Keeper's mission, where she fosters collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment. Her personal advocacy work, especially in raising awareness for autism spectrum disorder and supporting people of color, gender, and education, reflects her deep commitment to community and inclusivity. J’nay's multifaceted expertise and personal dedication make her an indispensable asset to My Sister's Keeper, driving the organization's impact and outreach

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