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Director, Health & Wellness

Lavada Tillie, CNM, CNP

Director, Health & Wellness


LaVada Tillie, a Dual Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife, stands out for her remarkable contributions to My Sister's Keeper in Cleveland, particularly in developing and leading initiatives that have a profound impact on cancer awareness and support. Her co-creation of the Reviving Prayer Circle is a testament to her commitment to integrating holistic support with healthcare. This project emphasizes the importance of spiritual and emotional well-being, providing a platform for women affected by cancer to find solace, strength, and community support.

In her leadership role in the Sister's Circle Educational Forum, LaVada harnesses her extensive knowledge and experience in nursing and midwifery. Through this forum, she educates and empowers women, focusing on topics crucial to their health and well-being. Her efforts in this domain are instrumental in raising awareness about cancer, its treatment options, and the importance of regular screening, thereby enhancing the community's understanding and engagement in health practices.

LaVada's work extends beyond the confines of My Sister's Keeper through her strategic partnerships with other organizations. These collaborations are pivotal in improving access to cancer treatment and screening, not just locally in Cleveland, but across different states. Her ability to bridge gaps between various healthcare entities and community groups underlines her exceptional skill in networking and alliance-building.

This comprehensive approach to health and wellness, combining education, community support, and strategic partnerships, highlights LaVada's invaluable role in My Sister's Keeper. Her efforts are not just focused on immediate healthcare needs but also on the broader aspects of support and empowerment, crucial for women navigating the challenges of cancer. Her work with My Sister's Keeper exemplifies her dedication to enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery and her unwavering commitment to community service.

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