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President & CEO

Sherri White, MSPOD, SSGBC

President & CEO


Sherri White's inspiring journey as a healthcare leader is deeply enriched by her personal battle with breast cancer, an experience that has profoundly shaped her role as CEO and President of My Sister's Keeper. Her resilience and firsthand understanding of the patient experience fuel her dedication to transforming healthcare and supporting women facing similar challenges.

With a Master’s in Positive Organizational Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University, Sherri's academic background enhances her strategic leadership and decision-making skills, crucial for her role at My Sister's Keeper. Her tenure at the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University, where she spearheaded initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness and patient care, laid a strong foundation for her current leadership.

In founding My Sister's Keeper, Sherri channeled her personal cancer journey into a powerful force for good, creating a network that offers care, resources, and empowerment to women battling cancer. Her battle has not only given her unique insights into the needs of cancer patients but also drives her commitment to improving healthcare outcomes.

Sherri's professional credentials, including Sigma Green Belt and Project Management - Lean Process certification, coupled with her Emotionally Intelligent Leader Coaching certificate, equip her with the skills necessary to lead and inspire her team and the community she serves. Her personal experience with cancer, combined with her professional expertise, makes her an exemplary leader and a beacon of hope and strength in the healthcare community, especially for those connected to My Sister's Keeper.

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