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Surrounding women undergoing cancer treatment with a supportive community.

Our Founding Story

My Sister’s Keeper (MySKCle) is the vision of a courageous breast cancer survivor, Sherri White. Diagnosed at the tender age of 32, Sherri faced her fears head-on. Preparing for the worst, she organized her finances and affairs, ensuring her children’s future was secure. But beyond the logistical preparations, Sherri wrestled with her diagnosis in solitude. It was through multiple surgeries and cycles of chemotherapy that Sherri, supported by the unyielding love of family and friends, chose to rewrite her narrative from one of illness to one of resilience and hope.

Inspired by the community that rallied around her, Sherri transformed her pain into purpose, establishing My Sister’s Keeper in 2018. What began as a personal support system has evolved into a formidable force, championing the fight against cancer alongside a passionate Board of Directors, a dedicated team of volunteers, and an ever-expanding community of supporters.

Expanding Our Impact

Today, My Sister’s Keeper transcends the boundaries of Ohio, reaching women battling cancer in Kentucky, Texas, and Chicago. Our services have blossomed to include a suite of programs designed to reinvigorate the spirit of womanhood and foster community connections. Notable among these are:

  • A Walk in Her Shoes: Our annual community awareness walk.

  • Pretty in Pink: Celebrating courage and survival.

  • Reviving Prayer Circle: A weekly forum offering spiritual support.

  • My Sister’s Circle: An educational series that empowers through knowledge.


We understand the profound challenges faced by women undergoing cancer treatment. In 2021, we proudly introduced a program providing temporary employment to women in treatment, enabling them to maintain financial independence while focusing on recovery. Our commitment is to not only sustain but also expand this invaluable service.

Gratitude for Our Supporters

We are immensely grateful to our community partners and donors, whose generosity ensures that nearly 100% of our contributions go directly toward supporting our services. Our mission is simple yet profound: To envelop women undergoing cancer treatment in a community brimming with support and love.

Recognition and Awards

  • City of Cleveland Champions Award (2023): Recognized for organizing "A Walk in Her Shoes" Community Cancer Awareness Walk.

  • MetroHealth Shero: Acknowledging the silent heroes among us.


Media Highlights

Interviews and features across various media outlets have helped spread our message and mission. Highlights include appearances on WKYC, WOVU 95.9FM, and coverage in Cleveland Magazine’s Leadership Edition.


Join us as we continue to weave these powerful bonds of sisterhood and support for every woman embarking on their fight against cancer. Together, we are stronger.

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