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My Sister's Circle

The best way to prevent and promote great health and wellness is to learn from those who have experience or have been formally trained in various aspects of cancer.   

The last Sunday of each month, we offer live sessions with medical experts and community partners 

The Men Behind Our Cancer Stories 

Listen to the journey's of two amazing women Lenice Bozman and Brittney Church who are joined with their husbands as they share the support and impact that cancer played in their lives, their love and home. 

Situational Grief

Nicole D. Berry, NP, Founder of The Evolution through Mind, Body, and Spirit LLC,  returns to discuss how to recognize and cope with Situational Grief. 

Coping with Grief

Listen and learn from Nicole D. Berry, NP, Founder of The Evolution through Mind, Body, and Spirit LLC, as she discusses grief and its impact.

A Conversation with Dr. MacPhedran: Women's Sexual Health

Dr. Sally MacPhedran, OBGYN at MetroHealth, discusses women sexual health and provides resources and tips to promote healthy sexual health. 

Breast Screening 

Lavada Tillie, CNP of MetroHealth discussion techniques in screening for breast cancer.

Herbal Remedies

Muhammed Edwards, owner of Fawaky Burst discusses herbs that prevent and/or minimizes side effects of chemo and herbs that promote health lifestyles and sexual health. 

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