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Become A Sister

Please complete the following form to become a sister of My Sister's Keeper.  Your information will be shared with members of the organization with efforts to provide services and resources as needed.  Your contact information will shared with our affiliations/partners to obtain services.    De-identified information will be used to populate statistical data to help drive change in our community.   

Which sister are you?

Little Sisters

Women currently undergoing cancer treatment seeking supportive care services, a shoulder to cry on, and someone who has been there - survived that!  Your big sister will check in on you frequently, get to know you with efforts to become your advocate and sister.  Little sisters can also be caregivers or family members of someone currently in cancer treatment. 

Big Sisters

Big Sister are Cancer survivors (warriors) who are no longer in treatment and/or family members of cancer warriors who are no loner in treatment.   


My Sister's Keeper is seeking individuals who would like to be an advocate and help provide support to those who are currently in treatment. 


Expectations of a Big Sister:

Check in with assigned Little Sister on a regular basis (at least weekly).

Provide reports to MySK as it relates to what is going on with your assigned Little Sister(s).

Submit referrals for services on behalf of your assigned Little Sister(s) as needed. 

Communicate important dates, such as start of chemo, last chemo dates, surgery dates, etc. to MySK.

Take part in activities supporting your Little Sister(s).


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