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Join Us in Making a Difference for Women with Cancer

At My Sister's Keeper, our mission to support women battling cancer is driven by the generosity and involvement of our community. There are numerous ways you can contribute to this vital cause, each making a significant impact. Whether you have time, resources, or skills to offer, your support is invaluable.

Volunteer Your Time

  • Individual Volunteering: Join our team of dedicated volunteers and help with events, administrative tasks, or community outreach. Contact us!

  • Group Volunteering: Gather your friends, family, or coworkers for a group volunteer project. It's a great team-building activity that makes a real difference. Contact us!

  • Skills-Based Volunteering: If you have a special skill or expertise, consider contributing it to our cause. Whether it's marketing, legal advice, or event planning, your professional skills can greatly benefit our operations. Contact us!

  • Become a Big Sister: As a Big Sister, you are not just a mentor; you are a beacon of hope and a living testament to resilience. Your experience is a priceless gift that can provide comfort, understanding, and strength to someone in the midst of their cancer journey. Click here to become a Big Sister.

Make a Donation

  • One-Time Donation: Every donation, big or small, helps us provide essential support to women with cancer.

  • Monthly Giving: Become a part of our sustaining supporters by setting up a monthly donation. This steady support helps us plan long-term initiatives more effectively.

  • Tribute/Memorial Gifts: Honor a loved one affected by cancer with a donation in their name.

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Mail Checks:

My Sister's Keeper

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  • Organize a Fundraiser: Host a fundraising event in your community. From charity runs to bake sales, your efforts raise both funds and awareness for our cause.

  • Corporate Fundraising: Encourage your workplace to get involved through matching gift programs, workplace fundraisers, or corporate sponsorships.

Become a Community Partner

  • Businesses and Corporations: Partner with us to make a lasting impact through financial contributions, in-kind donations, or collaborative projects.

  • Non-Profit Partnerships: Collaborate with us on programs, events, or advocacy efforts to amplify our collective impact.

Click here to become a partner

Advocate for the Cause

  • Spread Awareness: Use your voice to raise awareness about women's cancer issues. Share information on social media, in your community, or through educational events.

  • Policy Advocacy: Help advocate for policies and legislation that support cancer research, treatment, and care.

Educational and Awareness Campaigns

  • Host an Event: Organize educational seminars or workshops to inform and educate others about cancer care, prevention, and support.

  • Distribute Materials: Help distribute educational materials in your community to increase understanding and support for women with cancer.

  • Provide Materials: Provide educational material and/or resources to support the cause.


Join Our Events

  • Participate in Events: Join our walks, runs, galas, and other events held throughout the year. Your participation brings us closer to our goals.

  • Event Sponsorship: Sponsor one of our events and gain visibility for your business or organization while supporting a worthy cause.

Share Your Story

  • Inspire Others: If you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, sharing your story can inspire and offer hope to others in similar situations.

Every Action Counts

Your involvement, in any form, brings us closer to our goal of supporting every woman facing the challenge of cancer. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Join us today and be a part of this empowering journey. For more information on how you can help, please contact us at [contact information].

216-333-1819 x4 


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