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Transcend with Nickie is an online group therapy session designed to allow participants to transcend beyond their journey to a path of self discovery, mindfulness, and positive energy.

Nicole D. Berry, NP


Nicole acquired her Baccalaureate degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Law and worked as a social worker and case manager for over 13 years.  She later went back to school acquiring various degrees and certifications in nursing:  Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, and a dual Masters of Science in Nursing and Health Administration.  She later acquired two Post- Masters certifications as a Nurse Practitioner, in Family and Psychiatric Mental Health. 


Nicole received her nursing experience working with the private sector, county, state, and federal government.  Her nurse practitioner experience derives from home health, senior nursing facilities, the dual diagnosed population, Medically Assistant Treatment population (addiction management), and out-patient psychiatric setting.   In both specialties, she has serviced the pediatric to the geriatric populations.  She is passionate about the wellbeing of others and will do her best to aid in their healing process, mentally and physically.  Nicole is a dedicated wife of over 21 years, mother, and grandmother. She is not just living but loving life.

The Evolution Through Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Center

14055 Cedar Road, Suite 200
South Euclid, Ohio 4411

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